Meaning :- Bagar means courtyard of a home, wide open lawn.


Brief History:- The Bagar town is located in the territory of shekhawati region. Shekhawati meaning the land of sekhas clan derives its name from Rao Shekha (1433 A.D. - 1488 A.D.) a descendant of the Kachhawaha family of Jaipur. According to known historic facts bagar town is more then ten centuries old . At the end of 9th Century Gurjar Praihar rules succeeded by Chauhan Rajputs and they established this town. Later on the Mislim Pathans ruled over this area for about three hundred years. In 1730 A.D. a Hindu King Sardul Singh who was decendant of Rao shekha re-captured this town from the Muslim rules and established his kingdom in this area. His descendats ruled bagar ruled till 1947.


From the architecture point of view Bagar has influence of Rajput and Muslim . Bagar has many Havelies ancient water reservoirs (Pond), wall, paintings and Mahal of Muslim ruler are worth visiting and its surrounding till 1947.